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name : Jack
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from : Brunei Darussalam (Tutong)


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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Life

It's being a long time i never entering and view my blog. Well, now is after three years and I'm back with a lot of news. I've been studying, gaming, flirting and playing sport all the time and it's kinda tiring and getting bored after all. Now I've finish my O'Level examination and I didn't do every well so i resit for my examination this year start from May-June and done, now waiting for the result. So now, I only staying at home sleep all day if i could but mostly i sleep more than twelve hours per day after that lying down on the bed and day dreaming. sometimes if I'm too free then I'll go to Bandar Seri Begawan to look around watching movies and chill with friends. I planned to find a job in my district last year and I failed. Now I had found some shop and planned to work at but i have transport as there is too far from my house. So, my sister had found a part time job in Tutong and hope i like it. Maybe I'll just go and ask again then start working next month other than I'm wasting all my time spending it with nothing at home!

i will never give up | 4:50 AM


Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Hi Welcome To My Bloggie!

hi....welcome to my bloggie every one.....i am a new bloggie so i have no idea about this yet..but i am sure whlie i am know how to use it..i will update my bloggie again and please help me if u can..o.k i think that's all about today..thank you for your reading hehe:P

i will never give up | 3:00 AM